Health - Beauty - Glitter Nail Art Decoration Powder

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Published on March 1, 2015
Published by naweb
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Top quality of 12 pots glitter nail art decoration tips in individual pot.
apply to: can use your nail or false nail tips. brush nail base gel on the nail, use a acrylic pen to touch a few glitter powder and
put the pen to press the nail (glitter powder evenly stick on the nail) before the nail polish dry. remember do not use the pen to brush on the nail .it will be unnatural, you can sprinkle the powder in the front of nail.

2.orrnment.after use the nail polish and draw design. you can sprinkle the glitter powder what color you want in the local or specific position. can create a distinctive dazzle beautiful effect. also can spread on clear nail polish or base gel what the pattern you choose, sprinkle the glitter powder before the nail polish dry. such not only save time, but also ensure that won't destroy the draw pattern.

3.acrylic nail and UV nail. before you spread on the last powder or gel ,use the small cotton to stick the glitter powder and gently press on the acrylic nail or UV nail, then spread on the last clear powder or clear UV gel.


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